Well Point System.

Well point method is also called as vacuum well point method.

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Deep Wells with Submersible pumps

They are more powerful than well points, requires a wider spacing and fewer well holes.

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Sumps, Trenches and Pumps

Handle minor amount of water inflow.

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Horizontal Dewatering

It is achieved by special designed trenching machine systems to drain the ground water from the soil.

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Who we are

Has formed Gulf Boring Engineering EST. Since 1983to provide the very best and most professional dewatering company within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

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A thorough overview of ongoing and more than 3000 successfully completed projects is listed in the pre- qualification, as a proof to support the Gulf Boring capability. On behalf of Gulf Boring Engineering Est

We are offering you:

High Performance dewatering system.

High performance vacuum priming facility.

Technical expertise, design and support.

24 hour service support.

We are very keen to pursue new expansion of Gulf Boring, and would therefore be pleased if you would consider our company for any future dewatering requirements.